BB Selfie Cream
Preventing pigment & skin problem

Spf30++/ HA+++


Our goal with BB Selfie Cream was to do the impossible task: Preventing skin from ultraviolet. Experience with the best texture and ingredient. Compact design – 93% powerful action Preventing for almost 3 up to 5 hour duration.

  • Protect Your Skin 93% 93%
  • Long Lasting 97% 97%
  • Water-resistance 86% 86%

BB Selfie Cream has proved it’s the best item in base coverage category. All in One Make-up, skincare cream and SPF to have all your skin’s needs covered (evening out redness, hydrating, creating a natural texture, and protecting your skin)

The BEST combination sunscreen, skincare ingredients, antioxidants and light coverage is ideal for the busy woman who doesn’t have time for a more in-depth routine

Rub a dime-size amount between your hands to warm it up and apply to entire face.

Perfect Cover

BB Selfie Cream will give the perfect cover-up such as pro make-up artist 

SPF30 ++

Protect skin with spf 30++ for those who work in office & building


Preventing skin from pigmentation & skin problem. 

Instant 2 minutes

2 minutes instant step to apply.

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