Dark-Spot Roller Serum – FV Roller 


Facial valet FV Roll-On using ESSENCE serum, a smooth, nano-shaped molecule, absorbed into the 3rd layer of skin. Marinate and treat the root of the freckle (Melanocyte) from continuing to produce melanin causing the occurrence of freckles. 





Essence Shaped Serum (Nano)

Treating To The 3rd Layer of the Skin

Advance AHA technology

Hibiscus & Fruits Extracts As Major Ingredient.

7ml (Small & Easy To Carry)

KKM Approved (NOT 180404281K)

100% Hazardous Mercury Free

 Dark-spot Roller Serum – Why You Need This


It’s a important for women out there to be free from freckles, Facial Valet FV Roll-On is specially designed to solve pigmentation problems not only on the surface of the skin but also from within the skin layer. This beautiful requirement has become a common needed of women.


Ingredients and mercury-free substances can solve pigmentation problems, from freckles to spots. Feeling happy, more confident and confident level will increases when there is no freckle. The dream of all women to look gorgeous and attractive is not a dream anymore, but can be realized with the right and effective treatment.


The results of research and studies found that a combination of Hibiscus Extract and Certain Fruit Extracts was able to eliminate freckles & pigmentation. Optimized with Advance AHA technology and also Essence fluid which is a fine molecule of NANO that can absorb and treat in the 3rd layer of skin.

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