Troubleshooting Solution Acne Scars

80% Effectiveness

Facial valet: Acknowledged by clients us that this Serum memudarkan Whitehead as early as 2 weeks

AHA advance

Improve skin problems with spell HA on a regular basis.  makes skin soft, naturally.

Effective fade acne scars & pigmentation

Technology Essence

Molecular Nano-shaped delicate and light is able to diffuse into the skin to treat melanin (the causes of acne scars)


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Treatment Of Acne Scars

The face looks clean & Maintain healthy skin.

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FV Roller Serum

Facial valet FV Roll-On using serum form of ESSENCE that is delicate molecules shaped nano, is able to diffuse into the skin layers to-3. Diffuse and treat the root of Whitehead (Melanocyte) from continuing to produce melanin causes the occurrence of acne scars. Do not use hazardous materials such as mercury, get approval from the Ministry of health. Used as an intensive treatment to take effect.

Hibiscus extract as main ingredient the study and formulation of Switzerland.

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Set Basic

To 30 June

Acts as an intensive treatment

Stimulate the growth of kolegen in the dermis layer of the skin, cleans and softens the skin from within. the aim is to restore the skin that do not mature and getting rid of acne scars and pigmentation.

Reduce Acne Scars Slowly

Fading blackheads and acne scars or scars black radiation UV radiation, hormonal changes or aging.

Natural Plant

The extract of hibiscus that already have a high reputation abroad. Capable of menigkatkan skin tension, as anti aging.


AHA fruit acids increase hydrasi in natural at all layers of the skin. stabilize skin tones & damper on the skin.

Skin Problems

Normalize, treat and remove skin pori problematic due to acne scars and pigmentation.

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What Our Customers Said

It's works!!

From: Mistress

"It's effective, just be patient ... more use according to the instructions inshaAllah acne scars gone. "


The effects of 2 weeks

"It's the best la facial valet saye new use twice a week but I see the difference"


Mrs. Irah Syahiran: "Overall best product ni satisfied prevail."


Users Set Premium

Worthwhile n sy dh repeat on moisturiser buy 2 sets of new dn skli 1minggu ni sy buy lgi platinum set in. .. syukur alhamdullilah.. 40% dh mslah. fade. inshallah sy employees will be continue to use this product..


Facial Valet Group Sdn Bhd

Our dream to see Asian women more concentrate on health aspects of the skin. Him or her with the best possible, choose secure product was kritiria & right in their face care process.

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