Facial Skin Care Sets Valet Pigmentation

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Experience the wonderful changes and free acne scars naturally

With the use of natural products

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Produced using organic materials as the main ingredient. The discovery proved to be capable of memudarkan Whitehead slowly but effectively.


The main ingredient such as Hibiscus Extract mixture of several types of fruit &, gave the & benefits advantage in the process of pemudaran Whitehead.


The hibiscus is very famous as an exceptional plants in European countries. Proven anti-aging, skin firming, repair wrinkles and effective to clear your acne scars.


Optimized with the addition of:


  • ADVANCED AHA : Repairing the skin with the reaction of HA. Softens skin naturally.


  • NANO TECHNOLOGY: Essence of light and has a small molecule-sized nano is able to diffuse into the skin dermis.



Set specifically for acne scars is safe to use and meet the standards set by the MOH, didaftakan and approved (NOT1706011993K)


The advantage of using this set was a period can be abbreviated to become faster. pemudaran Whitehead also process faster.


Melebutkan skin, Brighten the skin becomes normal.


Set Basic Acne Scars:

  • 1 x Facial Valet Dark Spot Roller
  • 1 x Facial Cleanser Snowmilk Valet
  • 1 x Facial Valet Water Gel Moisturizer
  • 2 x Free Gift Premium Silk Bird Nest Mask





Produced by using organic materials as the major ingredient. Research formula from Switzerland, the findings are proven for slow results but effective.


Main ingredient such as Hibiscus Extract & mixtures of different period of fruit, provide activity benefits for removing process.


Hibiscus is well-known as a remarkable dogs plant in European countries, proven to be anti-aging, skin nourishing, repairing the building eliminating wrinkles and pigmentation.


Optimized with additions:


  • ADVANCED AHA: Repairing the skin cells by the vfe inter-reaction of HA. Softens skin naturally.


  • NANO TECHNOLOGY: Lightweight essence and has a small nano format molecule capable of seeping into the dermis.




This special set of frames is safe to use and meets the standards set by the MOH, registered and approved (NOT1706011993K)


The advantage of using this set is that the duration can be shortened to faster. The freckles are also faster.


Brightening the skin back as normal.




Basic Set:


  • 1 x Facial Valet Dark Spot Roller
  • 1 x Facial Cleanser Snowmilk Valet
  • 1 x Facial Valet Water Gel Moisturizer
  • 2 x Free Gift Premium Silk Bird Nest Mask



Caution: If you still have active further, it is not advisable to use serum FV Roller.



Snowmilk Cleanser

FV Snowmilk Cleanser is specially designed to support FV Roller serum for pigmentation problems on the surface of the skin. deep cleansing the skin surface.


Water Gel Moisturizer

Water gel Moisturizer perfect for your skin. works well on dry skin & alcohol-free that ensuring it won't dry out. The formula is infused with glycerin which helps keep skin hydrated actives.  Water gel also helps strengthen skin's barrier to protect against rough skin.


Premium Bird Nest Mask

Naturally clean the pore and remove the building's skin, rejuvenate your skin to the next level. Benefit spouse contributor of Bird nest as anti-aging, tightening your skin.

About Each Item

Dark Spot Roller


A type of Roll On Essence help memudarkan pigmentation and acne scars. Use Hibiscus Extract as main ingredient. Dark Spot Roller also tightens the skin because the benefits of hibiscus. Nano-sized study are to expedite the process of absorption so that the skin is not sticky. Applied to the troubled Area maximum impact baig.


Snowmilk Cleanser


Comes in the form of cleansing milk, contains 0.2 microbeads to disinfect the skin from residual dirt such as dust & make-up. Snowmilk Cleanser is also able to provide deep hydration and nutritious for your face and neck. Tesktur is a very lightweight and does not dry out the skin is very perfect for the daily routine.


Water Gel Moisturizer


A damper on your face in a more intensive. Facial Valet Water Gel Mositurizer will retain moisture.

Enhance your natural immunisation. Light texture makes you feel fresh after use.


Premium Bird Nest Mask


Premium Silk Bird nest is capable of melebap and tightens the skin such as care spa. Specific materials to resist aging such as marine Collagen and bird's nest. Use a mask of cotton silk to prevent hidrasi and maximizing moisture. As a result the skin is softer, firmer, and smooth.

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