Facial Valet Dark Spot Serum 7ml

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Facial Serum Valet Essence

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Facial Skincare Valet

7 ml/0.24 fl oz

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Produced using organic materials as the main ingredient, the study from Switzerland, the discovery proved to be capable of memudarkan Whitehead slowly but effectively.


The main ingredient such as Hibiscus Extract mixture of several types of fruit &, gave the & benefits advantage in the process of pemudaran Whitehead.


The hibiscus is very famous as an exceptional plants in European countries, proven as anti-aging, skin firming, repair wrinkles and effective to clear your acne scars.


Optimized with the addition of:

ADVANCED AHA : Repairing the skin with the reaction of HA. Softens skin naturally.

NANO TECHNOLOGY: Essence of light and has a small molecule-sized nano is able to diffuse into the skin dermis.


Facial Valet Dark Spot Roller is designed specifically for acne scars, safe to use and meet the standards set by the MOH, didaftakan and approved (NOT1706011993K)

Set Basic Acne Scars :

1 x Facial Valet Dark Spot Roller
1 x Free Gift Premium Silk Bird Nest Mask


Attention : If still have active ACNE, not recommended using Facial Valet Dark Spot serum Roller.

How TO Use

FV Roller Serum

Fv roll Roller Serum to freckles area

Wait until Fv Roller Serum dry

(Use Only 3 day a week) Example: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.