FV Single Set – Saver Pack – 22%

    RM127.80 RM99.00

    This Single Set features the Facial valet Dark-spot Roller Serum with Premium Silk Birdnest Mask formulated for all skin types (Not suitable sensitive skin) especially beneficial to the skin as pigment solution & dark spot remover.

    Formulated by dermatology as a Special Intensive Treatment (SIT), focus designed for Pigmentation, Uneven skin & Dark-spot, with amazing features like AHA Advance (New innovation from original AHA – M.D Forte 1983).



    It works by stimulating skin cells to produce a substance called HA. Our skin cells naturally produce moisturizers, the skin begins to “moisturize itself” from the inside of the skin to the outer layer.

    Our research showed that almost 59% of Malaysian users experience a significant reduction in pigment & dark spots in 2 weeks. This set helps you prevent the new formation of future pigmentation. 80% of users recommend this product.

    How Does It Help?

    The unique combination of Lactic acid and Vitamin antioxidant skin is essential to help normalize the skin, renewal to restore the skin to look healthier. Lactic Acid is well-known in Europe for its ability to help the skin stay healthier.


    • Essence – Well known as a lightweight and less concentrated compared to normal serum.


    • SIT – Special intensive solution with dermatology R&D.  


    • Natural Ingredients – 100% natural ingredient from plant direct to the bottle.


    • Safe – Approved COA tested & with KKM NOT – NOT180404281K

    Who Should Use?

    Individual :

    • Who has pigmentation 
    • Who has uneven skin & dark spot.

    3 time a weeknight only example (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Don’t overused – Used after Toner